Alexandra Rose Taxidermy

What is Rogue Taxidermy?

Rogue Taxidermy is a term coined in the early 2000’s for an unconventional branch of Taxidermy Art, formed by artists Sarina Brewer, Scott Bibus and Robert Marbury. They defined it as “A genre of pop-surrealist art characterized by mixed media sculptures containing conventional taxidermy-related materials that are used in an unconventional manner”

You can read more about the movement on their website here.

My use of Rogue Taxidermy combines my passion for traditional taxidermy with the playful ideologies of Victorian Anthropomorphic Taxidermist, Walter Potter, who created magical tableaux’s of animals dressed as humans in human-like situations. It’s very much the Marmite of the taxidermy world, you either love it or hate it.

I love to create eccentric and whimsical mounts that play with the imagination, bringing feelings of both delight and discontent.