Commissions Are Open For 2021

The prices listed here are a starting price point for customers providing their own specimen and include mounting on a simple wooden base or piece of wood.

For custom work including dynamic poses and rogue mounts please contact me for a quote. Prices do not include habitat work, glass cases/domes, delivery to and from the studio etc.

CITES listed specimens, such as British Birds of Prey, will have an additional charge for an A10 Certificate.
This is a document to ensure legal longevity for your mount

If you are looking for a particular specimen or have an animal not listed here, please contact me for a quote and availability.

From £55…
Poultry Chick From £55
Robin/ Finch/ Wren From £100
Woodpecker/ Kingfisher From £120
Budgie/ Parakeet From £115
Blackbird/ Thrush From £135
Corvids From £140
Pheasant/ Chicken From £180
Raptors From £160
Owls From £170
Waterfowl From £180
Other Please Enquire
Prices are for full body mounts
From £45…
Shrew/ Vole/ Mice From £45
Rat/ Mole/ Weasel From £95
Squirrel/ Stoat/ Rabbit Kit From £135
Rabbit/Fox Cub/ Hare From £180
Fox From £450
Badger From £450
Other Please Enquire
Rogue Taxidermy

Mounts created in a rogue taxidermy style will incur additional costs due to the animated poses, colours and extras that are involved with creating them.

Each piece is unique to the customer and so if you have an idea in mind or would like to discuss a project then please get in touch here.

Restorations and Repairs

Each restoration and repair is different, requiring different levels of time and attention.

If you have an item you would like repairing please email me with images and details of damage and the level of restoration needed.

Pet Preservation

The preservation of pets has and always will be an extremely personal and emotional time for a client. It should never be undertaken lightly as it is an irreversible procedure and so should be well thought over before making any quick decisions. One of the reasons why pet taxidermy is so challenging is that we are trying to recreate the soul and spirit of an animal that you may well have spent every day with, and no matter how well we can match the eyes, look or pose of a pet, they will still always be a shadow of your beloved friend.

For more information on preparing an animal for preservation please visit my f.a.q. page here.

Due to the sensitivity involved I only currently take on a handful of small birds and mammals. If you would like to hear more information or discuss anything further please get in touch here.