The Taxidermist

Alexandra Rose Cherrett

Taxidermy Artist

To me, Taxidermy is an Art, whether that be meticulously replicating the natural form or creating a fantastical piece of rogue taxidermy. This is why I reflected it in my name, Alexandra Rose Taxidermy.

At the heart of my work is an overwhelming passion for animals, taking great care and respect with every creature I work with, from death to a new life. Ensuring they are never intentionally killed for the purpose of taxidermy, I source from road kill, deceased pets/livestock, cat encounters, responsible pest control, frozen feeder animals and rescue centre casualties.

I developed a passion for natural history and wildlife from a young age, stemming from visits to London’s Natural History Museum. Based along the Jurassic Coast, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the trifecta of countryside, forest and ocean and all the wildlife they harbour.